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This is what happens when you take religion literally


A little diagram I just made.

It isn’t over yet…

Supreme Court

I have 2 words for the supreme court right now…

FUCK YOU!!!!!!! 

thanks for answering my question Adam.


((Voting for Gary Johnson is a vote for LEGALIZING CANNABIS[marijuana]))

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Gary Johnson is running for president in this 2012 election as the Libertarian candidate. He will be on nearly every state ballot ( I believe 47 states was the last confirmed number). This means that there is a third option! You don’t need to simply make a decision between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney!

To win one of my last two bumper stickers all you need to do is tell me how you are spreading the word…or how you plan on spreading the word…or give me the outline of a fantastic idea to help support him in this election.


((Any entry after 6/15/2012 at 11:59pm EST will not be entered into this contest but may still be featured on the blog))

A Few Questions, Concerning the Present Ron Paul Campaign Situation


1. Rand Paul’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney

First, what is the proper libertarian response to Rand Paul’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney?

For me, an important point was the realization, thanks to Jack Hunter, that Murray Rothbard supported George Bush over Bill Clinton. That strongly indicates to me that there is nothing anti libertarian, per se, about such an endorsement, whether of Bush by Rothbard, or of Mitt, by Rand.

Suppose we were slaves, and the master offered us a vote for either Overseer Baddy, who beat the crap out of us all the time, or Overseer Goody, who only beat us once in a while, and then more gently. And suppose we voted for the latter. Does this mean we support slavery? Of course not. Does this mean that we have thereby violated the libertarian principle of non aggression? Again, of course not. Does this mean we endorse Goody? No, a thousand times no. We can only infer from this action that we prefer Goody to Baddy.

Now posit that a mugger held us at gun point, and demanded either our watch or our wallet, and we gave him our time piece. Does this mean we have acquiesced in the robbery? Certainly not. Does this imply we agreed to having our watch stolen from us? Again, not at all. The main problem I have with Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney is its timing: it was done before his father, Ron Paul, had actually lost the election, which is to be based on delegates, not popular vote. For the rest of this article, I will assume the contrary to fact conditional (at least at present), that Governor Romney will be the Republican candidate, not the man who will bring about liberty, save lives abroad and domestically, end the fed, stop the war on drugs.

By: Walter Block

you are leaving a crucial part out 
what about johnson? 
that would give us the goody the baddy and the one that is gonna let us out. But because MSM has told us that the majority don’t want to be feed we ignore him. We shouldn’t do that Rand should have endorsed Johnson, Ron should do the same. 

Via Power vs. Markets


Certainly feels like the common Ron Paul supporter is leaning towards voting Gary Johnson in the 2012 election!

it certainly does i’m pretty sure i’m voting for Johnson rather than Writing in Paul as i previously planned.

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